Skiing Made Easy - Part 6: What happens when I go skiing again?
Skiing Made Easy - Part 6: What happens when I go skiing again?
21 Oct 2019

Great decision, you want to return to the slopes! With Balkan there is a loyalty bonus of 5%, so you’re already saving.

Our advice for year two is to lower your expectations of what you learned last time, and take it slowly. Definitely prepare by getting fit (see our previous blog article). It’s a good idea to keep a list of ‘stuff you’ll need’ for each day to help you avoid forgetting anything.

Lessons are great at any level, especially if you are unfamiliar with the resort you’ve chosen. You’ll get to know the slopes in safe company and then have spare time to explore your favourites.

You may want to upgrade any clothing that failed you last time, and if you’re getting into the sport, then paying for better equipment. The essentials are always a well-fitting helmet, waterproof goggles and gloves and the best socks and thermals you can afford.

Bear in mind that accidents happen on the first and last day and the first and last run of any day so just go carefully in the morning, and stop before the end of the day to avoid incidents.

It’s a good idea to pack deep heat or similar muscle relaxants to ease you from one day to the next. Also good are tube bandages for knees which need extra support.

In year two you’ll be further up the mountain and try out more lifts. Always carry a piste map with you or have an app with the same on your phone. Never ski alone, in case of incident, however tempting it is to get ahead of a group or take off for some solitary skiing in peace and quiet.

If you’re trying new boots and skis, there’s no problem to get adjustments in resort, and by the end of the week, check your skis in for a wax ahead of your next ski week. You can do this at home, but it’s messy.

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