Simon Calder Says….Your money goes further in Bulgaria!
Simon Calder Says….Your money goes further in Bulgaria!
04 Jan 2023

We’ve been telling everyone for years that Bulgaria is a great holiday destination, about how wonderful the weather is, how soft the sandy beaches are, the excellent hotels and of course the low cost of living there.


You would expect that from us, it’s our job! However when Simon Calder, the UK’s leading travel journalist and broadcaster says it, then we feel really chuffed!


When Simon was asked in a television interview last week where to go on holiday for the best deals he replied:

'If you are simply looking for the places where your pound will stretch the furthest when you get there, in Eastern Europe Bulgaria, obviously a very popular package holiday destination' - There you have it, your money goes further in Bulgaria, official!



This year holidaymakers are making sure when they spend their money they are getting real value for money and a holiday to Bulgaria with Balkan Holidays is genuinely great value for money.

Our prices are very competitive plus we offer discounts for booking online, for being a repeat customer and for booking early! All of this contributes to our holidays being among the best value you can find this summer.



But the value doesn’t stop there as local prices in Bulgaria are exceptional value for money. For example you can find really nice restaurants dotted around the resorts offering delicious food at low prices, some from as little as £10 per person.


Bulgaria is a wine producing country so not only are their wines really good, especially their red wine, it is also cheap! There are numerous shops and market stalls in the resorts where you can buy all sorts of things at low prices, much of it made locally and of a very high quality.



So, if you’re looking for a wonderful summer holiday this year, where the sun shines all day and where you’ll get real value for money, it has to be Bulgaria with Balkan Holidays, who knows you might even bump into Simon Calder!

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