Spice of life for Balkan Holidays
Spice of life for Balkan Holidays
09 Dec 2020

The older you are the more experienced you get. Balkan Holidays has 56 years of experience in operating the best summer holidays to Bulgaria, and has a range of holidays, Spice of Life for the mature traveller, over the age of 50.


Spice Of Life

These holidays offer extra activities to help make your time away more special and memorable. Spice of Life packages contain free extras, such as sightseeing and walking tours, use of jacuzzi, folk shows, Bulgarian cuisine evenings and farewell parties. These extras differ by hotel, so check our Spice of Life website for more details.

Spice of Life packages are available in three resorts: Golden Sands, Sunny Beach and Elenite Holiday Village. Book your Spice of Life holiday and treat yourself with our complimentary packages on your visit.

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