Three things about Croatia that will surprise you!
05 May 2017

One of the most frequently said comments about Croatia is, 'It will surprise you'. We at Balkan believe this to be very much true, so we've compiled a list of aspects that will simply sweep you off your feet when you venture into this stunning country for the first time.

1. There is Roman architecture here, and plenty of it

People usually go to Rome or Greece to get their fill of Roman architecture, but did you know Croatia has more than its fair share of amphitheaters, palaces, and other structures? Within Split and Pula in particular, you'll find an extraordinary plethora of well-preserved historical wonders that date all the way back to a time when this magnificent society held power over the globe.

2. The locally made wine is delicious

In Croatia, people are proud of their locally made wines. Across rolling fields on both the mainland and the island as far as the eye can see, witness well-maintained vineyards where the magic happens. To this end, you'll find plenty of local vintages on menus throughout the nation, and it's worth sampling as many as your metabolism will allow during your holiday. Wines aren't the only alcoholic beverage to consider, however. Be sure to try the local specialty maraschino, a liqueur made from cherries that is produced in Zadar.

3. The food is even better!

Croatian cuisine really is something special, as you'll realise the first time you sit down at a restaurant. But to really understand what you're eating, you have to get the culture. Chefs put a serious emphasis on freshness, and meat and vegetables are often locally sourced. Preparation is key - some dishes undergo a 24-hour preparation process before they reach your plate. And to accompany your meal, why not opt for some of that superb local wine we mentioned in the previous point?

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