Turkish Delight in Northern Cyprus
Turkish Delight in Northern Cyprus
09 Feb 2024

When we decided to add a new summer destination we had to think very carefully. We didn’t want to offer somewhere that millions of people visit every year. We wanted to offer somewhere new and different and as soon as we looked at Northern Cyprus our mind was made up, this beautiful part of this Mediterranean island has over 30 unspoilt sandy beaches lapped by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, towns and cities crammed full of ancient history and of course those hot summers where the sun shines 340 days a year!

Cyprus is split into two separate countries, the southern part is Greek and Northern Cyprus is the Turkish part. This adds to the charm of the country because there’s the natural beauty of Cyprus combined with a Turkish influence.

Northern Cyprus has a four hundred mile coastline dotted with beautiful sandy beaches. You can enjoy some of them easily as many of the hotels we offer have beach front locations plus there are also lots of other beaches with just a handful of people on them and some are even deserted. Here you can enjoy mile after miles of empty beach, just lie back and relax while the Med gently lapse the shore.

We offer two resorts, Famagusta and Kyrenia. Famagusta is an ancient walled city enclosed by impressive Venetian fortifications. Within these walls lies a treasure trove of historical sites, including medieval churches and Ottoman-era architecture. It has a number of those beautiful beaches, some with hotels and some are stretch on for miles and are waiting to be discovered.

Famagusta's cultural scene is vibrant, with annual festivals, art exhibitions, and performances that celebrate its diverse heritage. Though this city has endured a turbulent past it maintains an enduring charm and a stunning natural beauty that continues to make it wonderful choice for a holiday.

Kyrenia, a coastal gem on the northern shores of Cyprus that also offers thousands of years of history, beautiful nature and a fascinating culture. Kyrenia's centre piece is its iconic harbour, framed by the imposing Kyrenia Castle. This medieval fortress, perched near the water's edge, offers a glimpse into the region's rich past and maritime heritage. Wandering through Kyrenia's narrow alleys, you'll find charming streets lined with stone houses, local shops, and welcoming cafes.

The natural beauty surrounding Kyrenia is equally enchanting. The mountainous backdrop, lush with vegetation, provides a striking contrast to the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Add to this Kyrenia's beautiful sandy beaches and you have a paradise for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts too.

You’ll find local prices across Northern Cyprus food and drink are low, especially compared to the Greek part of the island. For example a coffee is £1.50, a kebab is just £4 and a pint of larger costs under £2. With these low prices you can also enjoy a delicious three course evening meal for around £20 per person in a harbour side restaurant as you watch the sunset.

We offer a wide choice of high quality hotels we offer a wide choice, from great value 3 star hotels offering a very friendly welcome to wonderful 5 star hotels with a host of facilities. The imperious Acapulco Resort Convention & Spa in Kyrenia is a fantastic hotel is located on the beach and has its own aqua park and is perfect for families.

In Famagusta there are two more 5 star hotels, both stunning hotels, the Salamis Bay Conti Resort and the Arkin Palm Beach Hotel – we mention these as they are excellent hotels in stunning locations, but you can be sure of a wonderful holiday in any of the hotels we offer, and of course a very warm Turkish welcome.

Whichever holiday you choose you can be sure our prices will be very competitive, so for more details of all our holidays to Northern Cyprus please visit our website, www.balkanholidays.co.uk or you can call us on 020 7543 5555 – We look forward to hearing from you.

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