Mussel Farm Dalboka, Bulgaria
12 Sep 2012

When you are on a summer holiday in Cape Kaliakra or nearby, make sure you visit the Mussel Farm Dalboka, an underwater mussel farm complete with a seafood restaurant offering a variety of mussel dishes and all seafood.

The mussel farm is operated by a company that specialize in cultivation and production of ecologically clean Black Sea mussels. They have chosen this unspoilt stretch of the seashore because it’s one of the most environmentally clean areas in the country, as the environment in which the mussels live should be very clean. The first experimental underwater farm started to operate in 1994, and a surface farm was constructed in 2003.

Mussel meat is a very high quality and nutritious food, and extremely low in fat. The restaurant offers some 60 types of different mussel dishes, including mussel desserts and soups. The seafood dishes in the restaurant are very cheap, you can find all the available dishes in the funnily phrased menu on the website of the restaurant.

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