What A Great Start To The Ski Season
What A Great Start To The Ski Season
20 Dec 2021

The last time we had any skiers on holiday with us, in fact any holiday makers at all, was in March 2020, thanks to Covid. It’s been a tough 20 months, the travel industry has been hit really hard throughout the pandemic. What makes it difficult for travel companies is they can’t just shut your doors and furlough all staff because we need to service all our customers who have holidays booked. All of us here at Balkan Holidays are very happy to do that as the vast majority of our wonderful customers have stuck with us and transferred their holiday to the next season…and then the next season! We really do appreciate all your support and we hope you appreciate that when asked we have issued any refunded that were due.  

So, we now find ourselves at the beginning of the winter 2021/22 ski season – Bulgaria are now letting British tourists into the country and we are all set for the first flights of the season. There are now so many different things to consider, will our customers have the right paper work or certificates on their phones (this is 2021 after all!), will they have the right tests, will some people test positive…

Well, we are very pleased to say that overall things went very smoothly. Our flights operated without any problems, everyone had the right certificates etc and from going through their departure airport, on the flight and gaining entry into Bulgaria everything went well. Some people did test positive for Covid and so couldn’t travel, but they were insured so they can claim for a refund from their insurance company (it is so important that you book travel insurance when you book your holiday, not just before you travel). Our Covid Hub (which can be found by clicking on the red bar on the home page of our website) is up and running and is helping with any questions you may have. Our agreement with Randox, the testing company, really helps as they offer such a reliable service, plus there are clinics in the resorts where you can get tested. 

A week into the season and everything is running smoothly, all our customers are in their resorts and enjoying their holidays. Social distancing is also being observed in and around the ski resorts so that’s another plus. Thankfully the skiing conditions are good due to lots of early season snowfall, but we are all due some luck so we’ll take that! 

So, after nearly two years we are so pleased to welcome our customers to Bulgaria for a wonderful ski season. Can we say a huge thank you to our wonderful team in the UK and Bulgaria along with our customers, we’ve made it happen, we wish you all a very happy and safe holiday.  

Bulgaria, Balkan Holidays and our wonderful customers: 1 Covid: 0

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