Which Type of Holidaymaker Are You?
08 Mar 2015
"The Adventureman" - He considers himself cut from the same (waterproof) cloth as Bear Grylls and his adverturous ilk. With his Gortex coat, zip off trousers and money belt, he's prepared for any eventuality - You never know when you might chance across a poisonous snake or quicksand on a city break in Brussels...
"The (Anti)Social Media Enthusiast" - With an iPad under the arm, a camera around their neck, a phone in their pocket and a veritable arsenal of chargers, their main goal of the holiday: share EVERYTHING. Even if it means, well, missing out on some of the actual experience. They'll be reliving it through those 200 sunset pictures anyway. Holiday slideshow anyone?
"The British Lobster" - What's red, white and blue and smells like eggs and bacon? That'd be your classic British Lobster; the burned chap in the Union Jack swim shorts and the healthy appetite for all things Blighty. He can appreciate a good sangria, ta very much, and the sunshine isn't half bad, but even 30 degree heat won't keep him from his daily English brekkie.
"The High Maintenance Girl" - She wears heels to the beach, takes a wheelie case on a backpacking trip to Asia and half her luggage allowance is taken up by 'essential' beauty products plus curlers, straighteners and a volume diffuser. After all, looking glam is a full time job and she's not taking ANY time off - even on, well, her time off!
"The Honeymooners" - Think great love affairs, Johnny and June, Romeo and Juliet, Barbie and Ken and... the honeymooners. We're all really happy they've found each other. Really. But do they have to smugly feed each other heart-shaped slices of pineapple off the breakfast buffet?
"The Lads On Tour" - Usually trailed by an aromatic bouquet of beer, sweat and three-day-old hangover and as noisy as Saturday at Stamford Bridge, these boys have one obvious objective for their holiday - and it's not visiting ancient monuments. After all, seeing actual sunshine is an optional extra when there are 50p shots of Jagermeister to be pulverized nightly on the strip. 1-2-3-LADS!
"The Lilo Loafer" - They've booked their all inclusive holiday at their favourite resort and come hell or high water, they're getting their money's worth. The closest they get to adventure on holiday is replacing their usual mojito with a raspberry daiquiri. By the end of the holiday, their favourite sun lounger needs its own getaway to recover from the constant pressure.
"Mr Off The Beaten Track" - If it's not the most offbeat local joint in the wrong part of town, then this guy does NOT want to know about it. He considers the use of guide books a hideous crime against his maverick spirit and if he had a penny for every time he uttered the words 'oh, I know this great little place', he'd be able to buy at least twenty bottles of locally brewed craft beer. If that wasn't so predictable.
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