Why You Would Enjoy Southwestern Bulgaria
11 May 2016

Bulgaria has a great history that goes back 100's of centuries and much of the past remains today for your eyes to witness...

Here you have many places that will inspire and interest you including the spirit of Baba Vanga. She is Bulgaria's beloved mystical prophet who has saved many lives due to her ability in identifying the exact causes of illness and lived in the tiny mountainous village Rupite in southern Bulgaria. While there you can go and visit the house where she lived which offers outstanding views of the local mountains.

Visiting this area would probably be best during late summer (Sep-Oct) as the sunshine is not as hot as it is in July and Aug when it reaches up to 40 degrees. During the late season, you can still enjoy the pretty colorful flowers which are blooming and you will have the opportunity to tear some sweet green or purple grapes. The reason why summer is the best time to go is that most of the attractions are outdoors and you would not want it to be raining on your trip.

Near the small village of Rupite is the medieval Rozhenski Monastery said to be built during the 890s and recently restored in the 18th century. This is one of the very few Bulgarian monasteries from the Middle Ages that has been preserved.

While you are in this area, you can stop by the smallest town in the whole of Bulgaria called Melnik and with a tiny population of about 300. If you like wine then Melnik is the perfect place for you as it is internationally known for its outstanding quality of the wine. Even Winston Churchill is said to have ordered almost 450 litres of his favourite Melnik wine every year without a miss.

Before calling it a day and going home to rest, make sure you visit one of the Mehani ( meaning traditional Bulgarian Restaurant/Tavern) that line the streets of both Melnik and Rupite. Your taste buds will surely be satisfied as the traditional Bulgarian food is varied and full of flavours.

To get there your nearest airports are Sofia (the capital) and Plovdiv Airports.

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