A Beginners Guide to Sunny Beach
A Beginners Guide to Sunny Beach
16 May 2022

Established in 1958, the resort of Sunny Beach is situated approximately 42km north of Bourgas & 430km east of the capital city of Sofia. The resort's spectacular 8km long beach has been awarded the prestigious International Blue Flag award, which guarantees that tourists are provided with ecologically clean beaches, water and air to compliment more than 1700 sunny hours from May to October. The soft golden sand of Sunny Beach forms dunes along the beachfront, considered to be a unique natural phenomenon.

The resort has over 100 hotels and more than 130 catering establishments ensuring there is something for every type of guest that chooses a holiday to Sunny Beach. A variety of excursions in and around Bulgaria are organised by the friendly Balkan Holidays representatives for the UK clients. The resort also boasts a polyclinic and several big shopping centers for food, clothes and souvenirs.


Sunny Beach provides a variety of sporting facilities to keep the active holidaymakers going during their time in resort, besides the fantastic water based activities located on the beach, beginner and advanced tennis players will find all they need to keep in top shape with well-maintained and equipped tennis courts, tennis schools, skilled partners and tournaments available.

Horse riders will also feel at home in Sunny Beach with stables and a riding school available in resort. The horse riding base is located at the end of Sunny Beach close to the resort of St Vlas. The stables have professional instructors ready to guide you and give you an unforgettable experience, even if you never tried climbing on the back of a horse.

Those who love change can combine their sporting experience with a mix of aquatic sports, bowling, mini-golf, volleyball on the beach and archery. A ride around the resort on a bicycle is a relaxing and refreshing way to end a long day on the beach.

A Beginners Guide To Sunny Beach | Balkan Holidays


Although some restaurants offer basic international cuisine its the local dishes which dominate the menus with mainly pork, chicken, lamb and fish on offer at fantastic prices. The local beer and wine are also great value. A popular Bulgarian dish, the Shopska Salad (grated Goat's cheese on a bed of chopped tomatoes, cucumber and black olives) is a refreshing starter or side order. For fast-food addicts, there are McDonald's, KFC, Subway & Burger King outlets located in resort. Sunny Beach has more than 150 restaurants, folk-style and other establishments with floor shows and excellent food snack bars and cafeterias.

Some of the most popular Sunny Beach restaurants include:

Mamacita's Restaurant
Many consider Mamacita’s a restaurant not to be missed on a stay at Sunny Beach, and we agree! Mamacita´s is famous for its pleasant atmosphere and excellent entertainment. Live singing is on the daily menu too!

Fregatata (Frigate)
This is one of the local landmarks of Sunny Beach, and has all the atmosphere of a period frigate, and a menu to match. Certainly worth checking out.

Hanska Shatra Restaurant (Khan's Tent)
To experience traditional Bulgarian cuisine while enjoying the floor show, or trying out the dance floor, this is a great venue with a most original exterior and interior decor.

Chilli Peppers Restaurant
Chilli Pepper is renowned for its American BBQ dishes. Steaks are served right from the barbeque to your plate and of course all the drinks you'd expect to find from an authentic Western bar are on offer, only at Chilli Peppers.

Buchvata (The Cask)
The best of Bulgarian cuisine washed down by superb Bulgarian wines.

Vyaturna Melnitsa (The Windmill)
Original design and atmosphere, national cuisine. Don't miss the Shashlik, grilled on a fire at your side.

Chouchoura (The Spout)
Rich range of local specialties, vintage wine and brandy.

Fat Cat Restaurant
Located opposite the Hotel Glarus, the Fat Cat restaurant offers a choice of European, Mexican and Bulgarian cuisine. The Fat Cat restaurant also has Sky Sports on a big screen TV so you won't miss the important games while enjoying your holiday in Sunny Beach!


Variety Bar
Fancy interior, floor show and sophisticated services. Dance floor. Try your luck at roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Open nightly from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Mania Disco Club
"Mania" disco club is a two-floor indoor disco where famous DJ's visit from time to time. The music is mainly techno and house orientated. Located not far from the Kuban Hotel just take the main street to the left and you will see it after about 100m. The Post Office and a Chinese restaurant are at its sides.

Revolution Club
The Revolution is a place with style. It has to be said that the Revolution is a place for a clubber, in a true sense of the word. The Revolution is the hype on Sunny Beach because of its style, music and entertainment. Packing some 800 visitors, it takes a few Leva to get in, but you get a lot in return!
Try also the Disco Orange, Casino Oscar at the Hotel Kuban, Nightclub Iceberg and Nightclub Lazur.


There are all kinds of open air shops with jewelry, clothes, gifts, art and souvenirs on sale. Just take a walk along the streets and promenade of the resort. You will be sure to find something for yourself and the loved ones back home.

A Beginners Guide To Sunny Beach | Balkan Holidays

More Things To Do

Any poets, artists, or people who simply love the beauty of life, will find all they need only 3 km away from Sunny Beach. Nessebar is rich in culture and history with narrow cobbled lanes, aged wooden houses with drying fish hanging from the roofs, mediaeval churches, fortress walls, and the living monument of millennial human history.

Bulgarian Village
If you are after traditional Bulgarian style, this village has it all. On a half-day trip inland taking you through scenic country villages, you can tour a vineyard, pick fruit in an orchard, or visit a Bulgarian house where you can hear tales explaining the traditions of Bulgarian pheasants. To end the day pay a visit to the village church, or delight in a ride on a donkey cart.

For those who love the welcoming light of campfire, there is a treat in store just 12km north of Sunny Beach. Here you can enjoy a night of folk shows and fire dancing, while you enjoy a full course dinner by the campfire. Upon arrival, you are welcomed with bread salt and wine as one of the Bulgarian traditions.

A Beginners Guide To Sunny Beach | Balkan Holidays

Activities for Children

Children are well catered for in Sunny Beach with day care facilities and plenty of opportunity for them to build castles on the beach, splash around in the sea, guzzle down ice cream and generally have a great time doing all the things kids love to do. There are children's pools, merry go-rounds, pony riding, kid's discos and electronic games for those who cannot leave modern technology at home.

Sunny Beach Holidays give children the chance to learn a new sport and be coached in it by skilled instructors, or have a day out with Robinson Crusoe and his Man Friday on a forty-minute boat trip to a deserted island to meet the 2 castaways, followed by games on the beach. You can take your kids to one of the many drawing stands along the promenade to paint a beautiful souvenir that they will take home and cherish for years to come. They will love it and you can browse the nearby shops at the same time.

The newly-built Aquapark is a must see, not only for children but also for adults. It offers numerous attractions - Niagara, Black Hole, Crazy River, Hydro-Tube, Megaslide, Kamikadze, Twister, Kid's Playground and the Watercastle.


Getting around the resort is easy with a regular mini train running up and down the promenade and along the central shopping street, costing only a few pence. Hourly buses to Bourgas, nearby Nessebar and Elenite holiday village are easy to find and provide a safe comfortable journey to the sourounding attractions. Plenty of Taxi's are also available but fares should be agreed prior to departure and old rust-bucket vehicles should be avoided. When you're in Sunny Beach, you can try horse and carriage instead of a taxi for a unique and memorable way to get to your destination.
If you'd like to visit the old ancient town of Nessebar from Sunny Beach you can choose from a boat, bus or taxi ride. The cheapest way to get to Nessebar is to take the bus, but the taxi boat may be the more exciting and scenic alternative.

A Beginners Guide To Sunny Beach | Balkan Holidays

If you are planning on visiting the resort be sure to speak to our friendly Balkan Holidays representative for a comprehensive guide to the activities and excursions available. To find out more about our Sunny Beach holidays or to book early & save visit www.balkanholidays.co.uk.

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