Bulgaria Still Has The Lowest Local Prices
Bulgaria Still Has The Lowest Local Prices
18 Jul 2023

There are many reasons that make Bulgaria a popular beach holiday destination. Let’s start with the fantastic weather, then there’s those wonderful sandy beaches, the friendly locals, the wide choice of hotels and apartments and of course the great value holidays that we offer :)

But there are many destinations that offer all this, what else does Bulgaria offer that makes it so popular? Well if you haven’t twigged yet let us tell you, it’s the low cost of living when you’re on holiday! That’s the big reason that makes people return again and again, so good in fact that Sunny Beach consistently tops the Post Office Money holiday value report.

This year there was talk about what local prices would be like this year, so we have done our own investigation (it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!) and we’re delighted to say that Sunny Beach offers the same great value in summer 2023 that it has done for years. In many bars you can buy a large beer for 2.40 lev, that’s just over a pound! One pound for a large cold beer, now that’s exceptional value!

What about eating out? Now we know that all-inclusive hotels are popular, virtually everything is sorted before you go and all that, but there’s no doubt that a night out at the end of a long hot day is what makes a holiday special, where memories and friends are made. With this in mind we had a few evenings out of our own, we had a budget of £10 each for our evening meal, consisting of a two course meal and a drink. After exhaustive product testing in Sunny Beach (er hem) we are delighted to say we found plenty of restaurants where could get a delicious two course meal and a drink for £10 each. You can choose from a burger, roast chicken, pizza or a local dish (which we recommend as local food is truly delicious). 

So, we are delighted to report that at £1 a for a large beer and £10 for a delicious two course dinner, Bulgaria still offers the best value for money. Add this to the perfect weather, sandy beaches, friendly locals, excellent hotels and our great value prices and you have the perfect beach holiday destination. So if you haven’t booked your holiday with us yet now is your chance, visit our website for great value holidays and the best value for money while you’re on holiday! Nazdrave (that’s Bulgarian for cheers!)

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