June and Early July are a Great Time to Go on Holiday
June and Early July are a Great Time to Go on Holiday
05 Jun 2024

June and July is a great time to take a break from the daily grind and book a holiday to re charge. There are lots of reasons why now (June 2024) is a great time to book a holiday, here are a few of ours… 

Low Prices  
During June and early July we have some unbeatable deals on our package holidays to Bulgaria with prices starting from around £249! So that’s the main reason, because these prices are the lowest of the summer season! Add to that the very low prices in Bulgaria (this year you can still buy a large beer for about £1!) and you can see what great value a holiday in Bulgaria with Balkan Holidays is. 

Beautiful Weather 
Right now (June 2024) the weather in Sunny Beach is nice and sunny so yes, in terms of weather, June and July is a very good time to go on holiday to Bulgaria! Some other operators start their flights in early May, we think this is too early as the weather can be a bit cold and wet! If you go in late July and August then the weather can be very hot. 

There’s Not So Many People in the Resorts 
During June and early July there tends to be less people in the resorts, on the beaches, on the streets and in the hotels. Now some people like the resorts to be full and buzzing, but we think people who travel at this time of year like it when it’s nice and chilled in the resorts. You can take a relaxing stroll along the promenade or the shore on the beautiful soft sand, which is easier when there’s not so many people around.  

The Resorts Gardens Look Their Best
In June and July gardens look their very best and the same is true in the resorts along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. There are flower beds everywhere, in public areas and around the hotels, they are tendered very carefully and at this time of year they burst into life and colour making them look beautiful. We think it gladdens everyone’s heart to see beautiful flowers with vibrant colours, we hope you do too. 

So there you have it, a few reasons why it’s good to have a holiday in June and early July! To check our latest offers and make a booking please click here or visit our website www.balkanholidays.co.uk – We look forward to welcoming you to Bulgaria

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