Simon Says…Bulgaria offers the best value!
Simon Says…Bulgaria offers the best value!
03 Mar 2023

When the UK’s leading travel journalist and broadcaster recommends Bulgaria as the best value holiday destination on two occasions, once on the BBC and once on ITV’s Good Morning show you know Bulgaria really is the best value holiday destination. 

Simon was being interviewed on the BBC in January when he was asked where to go on holiday for the best deals, this is his reply 'If you are simply looking for the places where your pound will stretch the furthest when you get there, in Eastern Europe Bulgaria, obviously a very popular package holiday destination' – Then in February Simon was on ITV’s Good Morning and he said this; 'Bulgaria is absolutely lovely and it's also very cheap on the ground. I think Bulgaria, of all the mainstream holiday destinations, is the one where you're going to have the cheapest deals when you get there from a cup of coffee, renting a car, sightseeing excursions and your meals.' You won’t be surprised to hear Simon’s picture is up on the Balkan Holidays staff canteen wall along with a big love heart! 

So how much are these low local prices? Well you can still get a beer in Sunny Beach for under £1, without doubt the best value compared to other holiday destinations. You can buy a coffer for the same price, lunch for about £5 or less plus dinner in a beach side restaurant is still great value at £10-£15.

Bulgaria seaside

But don’t take ours or Simon’s word for it! The Post Office Money Report is published every year and for the last few years Sunny Beach, Bulgaria’s biggest beach resort has come first as the ‘Best Value Holiday Destination’, and that’s compared to resorts around the world! 

This year people are looking for the best value for their summer holiday, and when you combine the value of our holidays with Bulgaria’s low local prices you spend less money on your holiday all round without having to compromise on quality as we offer a wide choice of high quality yet great value prices. 

So book your holiday with us today and who knows, you might bump into Simon Calder in Sunny Beach this summer!

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