Summer Holidays to Budva
13 Sep 2012

Budva is probably the most visited city of Montenegro. It is situated on the Budva Riviera, and has a population of 8000 with a broad promenade busy around the clock along the beach and the seaport.

The number of beaches awarded with the Blue Flag is increasing year by year. The largest beach in Budva is the Slovak Beach, it is 1600 metres long and covered by small white pebbles. This is the most representative beach of Budva, just east of the seaport, lined with fine hotels and restaurants.

Another famous beach is the Mogren, accessible by a road tunnel carved in the cliffs. The beach is named after Italian sailor Mogrini, who successfully landed here following a shipwreck. The cliffs provide a magnificent and romantic backdrop to the beach.

Just beyond Mogren, the beach is called Jaz, and is covered by either small pebbles or sand in a length of 1200m. This is one of the three largest beaches of the country, used mainly by the residents of the campsite nearby.

Budva is a fantastic holiday resort and place to have fun, scene of busy nightlife and cultural programmes. You will definitely not be bored here, as a wide choice of sports facilities, festivals, leisure parks, and a friendly atmosphere are at your disposal during your summer holiday to Budva.

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