Top 5 Activities for Kids in Sunny Beach
Top 5 Activities for Kids in Sunny Beach
17 Jan 2017

These are just a taster of what you can do in Sunny Beach with kids. If you’re looking for a great value holiday destination with cuisine that caters to the British taste, Western European conveniences at cheaper Eastern European pricing, plenty of sunshine and beaches, then Sunny Beach is the resort for you. Over 1 million holidaymakers visit each year, so there must be something to it...

1. Sunny Beach Aquapark

The Action Aquapark boasts an impressive number of flumes, slides and crazy rivers sure to make your day at the park one to remember. Tickets to the park are pre-bookable locally with the Balkan Holidays representatives which saves you having to queue upon arrival at the park. There is also a free shuttle bus which takes you from resort directly to the park helping you get your visit to the Aquapark off to a hassle free start. As the only Aquapark in Bulgaria to feature its very own farm with horses, rabbits and sheep, the park is a popular choice with holidaymakers to Sunny Beach.

Location - Action Aqua Park is situated in the western part of Sunny Beach just 5 minutes away from the resort's centre.

2. Khan’s Tent

The dinner and cabaret style show at Khan's Tent is a unique night, set at the top of a hill several kilometres north of Sunny Beach. The secluded wooded setting with beautiful views of the coast was supposedly where Khan Krum had a military encampment in the 9th century. The stunning interior is the venue for superb traditional food, served by costume-clad waiters, with music and a brilliant live show. The kids will love it!

Location – On northern hill overlooking Sunny Beach (all taxi drivers know where it is)

3. Resort Pools & One HUGE Beach

Most, if not all, resorts and hotels in Sunny Beach have a pool. Not a day will go where your kids will not want to go for a swim. On top of that, the beach is not far either. Many Balkan Holidays properties in Sunny Beach have a great location just a few minutes’ walk from the beach itself. There are many lounges and umbrellas available at a local charge or if you prefer, you can sit in one of the many restaurants or bars on the beach while the kids build sandcastles.

Location – Wherever you choose!

4. Offroad Adventure

Treat the kids to a unique holiday experience with a rugged Jeep ride up and down the hills of the Balkan Mountains which includes a visit to a small animal farm with magnificent views unfolding from the mountain tops as you roll along. The offroad adventure is definitely a fun way to explore the countryside and experience Bulgarian hospitality.

Location - TBC

5. Sun 'N Fun Pirate Cruise

This cruise is perfect fun for the kids with the whole day revolving around them, from the programme of games and fun to face painting and the meatball/salad lunches. Adults may struggle a little for something to do, so bring a book for the lazy cruise and don’t forget your swimsuit for the swim stop!

Location - A bus can collect you from your hotel and delivers you to Nessebar port, where the boat departs. You are then shuttled back afterwards.

All excursions are sold by Balkan Holidays Services, who are acting as an agent for the relevant suppliers. These trips should be booked through your Balkan Holidays Representative only. Although every care has been taken when producing this article and the descriptions are believed to be correct at the time of writing, Balkan Holidays cannot take responsibility for any changes/withdraws in some resorts. In different resorts excursion programme may vary so ask your Balkan Holidays representative for specific details, prices, child reductions and free places availability as per your resort.

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