Useful Tips When on Holiday in Sunny Beach
Useful Tips When on Holiday in Sunny Beach
10 Aug 2023


With the summer season in full swing we thought we would share some useful tips while you’re on holiday in Sunny Beach.  

The Beach
Sunny Beach has a sandy beach that’s 8kms long, so a few days on the beach is recommended. Once there you will see there are lots of parasols and sunbeds, there isn’t one price though, it depends where you are on the beach. If you’re in the middle it will cost more than if you’re further along, so do make sure you are happy with where you are and the price before choosing. There are also ‘free zones’ where there are no sunbeds, you can just enjoy the beach for free while you lie on your towel! 

Food & Drink
There are lots of bars and restaurants in Sunny Beach. If you eat or drink in the centre of the resort you will pay more because of the convenient location plus there is often very good entertainment in these bars. However, if you are in a bar away from the centre you will pay less. For example, here a local beer costs 3 Leva or approximately £1.30 – Yes £1.30 for a lovely ice cold beer…you’ll soon ask yourself why you went anywhere else for your holiday! 

If you enjoy a glass of wine then do try Bulgarian wine, especially red wine, it really is very good. There is a Bulgarian folk song that goes ‘white wine, oh white wine, you’re not red wine!’ – so you can see what the locals prefer! 

One last tip, if you’re ordering chips, say to the waiter you’d like ‘fries’, if you say chips you may get crisps! 

Withdrawing Cash from ATMs
Please use ATMs in the banks that are located in the central part of Sunny Beach. On Flower Street (the main street), there is Fi Bank and Co-op Bank, these are reputable banks and their ATMs are good as their exchange rate is reasonable. Beware, if you use the ‘stand alone’ machines dotted around the resort you will pay a much higher exchange rate. 

Exchanging Money
If you want to exchange money then it is best to do this in your hotel (most hotels have a bureau de change). If you are in the resort then you can use a bank but you will need your passport or you can use the Crown booths, these are reliable. Do not exchange money with anyone on the street. 

Exchange Rate
As of August 2023 there are 2.28 leva to the pound. So if something costs 2 Leva it is equivalent to about 88p. If something is 3 Leva it is £1.32. For ease, round it up to 2 Leva to the pound, so if you buy an ice cream for 4 Leva, this costs you just under £2. 

You can drink the water in Bulgaria! The local water source is a huge spring so you can drink the water from the tap, so there is no need to buy lots of bottled water. 

There is a rule that applies to most countries when caching a taxi, and that is agree a price before you get in! If you ask for a price and you think it’s expensive don’t get in, just say thanks very much and ask another cab for a price. Only get in a taxi once you have agreed a price and you are happy with it.  

One Last Tip
Do try and get out and about and see more of this wonderful country. We offer a range of interesting and fun excursions that let you see the real Bulgaria. We also recommend you take a trip to Nessebar, it’s just 2 Leva on the bus or you can get a sea taxi from the end of the pier in Sunny Beach. You will be visiting one of the most beautiful towns in Bulgaria, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site with history dating back thousands of years.

We hope our tips are useful to you while you’re on holiday in the wonderful resort of Sunny Beach! We hope you have a great holiday.

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