Value is Always in Style!
Value is Always in Style!
22 Aug 2022

With the cost of so many things increasing we need to look for value for money and savings in everything else we buy, ‘every little helps’ has never been more relevant.


This is where Balkan Holidays and Bulgaria prove our worth! We offer the best value overseas holidays, of that there can be no doubt. Having said that we do recommend you consider booking early for next summer, and by that we mean before this summer season ends, ie by the end of September. The cost of living is a big part of the overall cost of a holiday and here Bulgaria is a winner, local prices are still much lower than other countries and yet again Sunny Beach topped the Post Office’s annual report on the best value resorts across the world.  


This summer has been our first operational summer season since 2019 and overall it is proving to be a very successful season. Our flights have operated as planned, the large scale late cancellations only really affect large airlines with hundreds of flights a day rather than a tour operator like us who have just a few flights from airports like Gatwick and Manchester.

Everything has run smoothly in our resorts too as our customer are enjoying their holidays. Four star all-inclusive hotels continue to be very popular, especially if they have their own water slides. Having said that a big percentage of our customers still like to book a bed and breakfast hotel and enjoy going out in the evening for dinner. There is a good choice of restaurants in all of the resorts we offer and the food is delicious, plus of course it is still great value. Plus it’s nice to take an after dinner stroll and enjoy few drinks in a bar where you can relax and finish off the day in the perfect way.

Hotel Laguna Park, Sunny Beach

The season isn’t over yet, we still have the rest of August and September, in fact September has been very popular in recent years, it’s not quite as hot and the resorts are a bit quieter and this makes for a lovely holiday. So, if you can why not treat yourself to a week or two away on the beautiful Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

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