Doctor’s Orders…Take a Holiday!
Doctor’s Orders…Take a Holiday!
11 Dec 2019

Research conducted last year by leading experts at a Finnish University and presented to the congress at ITB Berlin proved that those who take holidays are not only healthier but also happier.

Doctor Jessica de Blum conducted the research to determine to what extent holidays have a positive impact on people’s health and well-being. Doctor de Blum discovered in her conclusions that not only do holidays have a beneficial impact on our health, but they also make us happier. According to the results, related to the experiences and personal happiness of groups monitored over a period of time, those who spent their money on concerts, family holidays and short breaks seemed to live their daily lives significantly more happily than those who preoccupied themselves with jewels, clothes and expensive gadgets.

The holiday itself which differs from the daily routine was also found to have a positive impact on health. Scientists and doctors involved in the Framingham Heart Study, discovered that people who tend to postpone their holidays are exposed to a higher risk of heart disease and could possibly die earlier than those who make sure that they take short, regular breaks. Short break holidays were shown to have a strong impact on our health with Doctor de Blum comparing the condition to the effect of our sleep.
Doctor de Blum said "It’s not possible to postpone our need for some good sleep. Likewise, a long summer holiday cannot compensate for a year, full of work and stress. To remain healthy, we should regularly grant ourselves holiday leave."

Whether the holiday is a relaxing and happy one will also depend on a number of other factors. According to Doctor De Blum, 17% of people don’t feel completely happy during their holiday because of things such as stress or illness. The research also showed that some work during the holiday does not have a negative impact on the overall experience as long as work is a result of holidaymaker’s own choice.

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