03 Nov 2022
5 Holidaymaker Favourites - Winter Excursions in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a fascinating country. Steeped in rich cultural history and an abundance of ancient architecture left by its five centuries of Ottoman rule and thousands of years of Bulgarian Empire reign, there certainly is plenty to see and do on your holiday to Bulgaria. At Balkan Holidays we know not everyone's holiday is complete with just perfecting their ski jumps and throwing snowballs. With this in mind we have carefully put together an amazing selection of excursions to tantalise all tastes and ages. Here are a few of our customers favourite swinter excursions you can look forward to on your next holiday to Bulgaria. 1. Full Day
27 Oct 2022
Stay Safe On The Slopes This Winter
Judging by the way most Bulgarians are known to drive, you may be forgiven for being a little cautious before hitting the slopes for the very first time in Bulgaria. However whilst it is true to say that general disregard for the rules is commonly experienced on the roads, skiing in Bulgaria is nowhere near as hazardous or nerve-racking as the driving. Evidence over the years has shown that is not necessarily the locals, most of whom are good skiers even if a little reckless, that cause the biggest danger on the slopes. It is commonly known that every skier and snowboarder should follow the International (FIS) code of conduct for skiers;
18 Mar 2022
Borovets: The Best Apres Ski In Bulgaria?
When it comes to nightlife and apres ski, there is one Bulgarian resort that stands out above all the others. Of course, we're talking about the incredible Borovets, which deserves a gold medal for its nightlife alone. The resort is particularly popular with younger skiers and especially stag dos and hen parties. Bring on the party and we'll find out why exactly. Join a bar crawl You've just arrived in Borovets and spent your first day on the slopes. Your legs are aching, but that shouldn't stop you from joining a bar crawl. It's good to get your bearings and meet people as quickly as possible - this is the best way of doing this. Bar
10 Feb 2022
Ski Into the Night at Borovets Resort this Winter
If you're a regular skier or snowboarder, you'll be familiar with the usual flow of how your holiday works - waking up and checking for fresh snow before queuing up with fellow adrenaline lovers waiting to get the first lift up the slopes followed by the excitement and buzz from weaving your way back to the bottom again. However, ski holidays to Borovets offer added excitement to your day, something that is becoming increasingly more popular, and that something is night skiing. To some, there simply aren't enough hours to ski during the day which is what makes Borovets the perfect resort to visit this winter in order to enjoy
21 Jan 2022
What Happens When The Skiing Stops? Apres Ski!
What is there to do in Bulgaria’s ski resorts when the skiing stops? What is the apres ski scene like? Well if you really want to you can go night skiing in Borovets and Bansko, but come one, have a day off, or should that be a night off! So if you can tear yourself away from the ski runs you’ll find that at night in Bulgaria’s ski resorts is when the fun really starts!  Let’s start with dinner at a local restaurant, or a mehana (meaning tavern) as they call them in Bansko. Bulgarian food is delicious, especially in the numerous restaurants you’ll find in our three featured resorts. All food is sourced
07 Dec 2021
Borovets preparing to celebrate end of Summer Season
After a hot hot summer, full of adventures and unforgettable moments, Borovets is preparing to close the summer season with three different  events, which will appeal to a wide range of mountain lovers and extreme sports fans.   Bike Park Borovets „Final DH Challenge” – the final summer season mountain bike downhill event in Borovets will surely bring together all the best downhill bikers in the country.  The organizers promise to make sure all routes in Borovets Mountain Bike Park will be in best possible shape and condition for everyone who wants to have a
19 Nov 2021
Borovets Ski Resort of Kings
Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria and was originally used exclusively by the King of Bulgaria. It used to be called Chamkoria (yes the Hotel Festa Chamkoria was named after this!), Chamkoria translates to Pine forest therefore those who enjoy tree lined skiing you are in for a treat.  Picturesque and photogenic this resort is set on the Northern slopes of the Rila Mountains and offers 58km of piste! (now you’ll know where the Hotel Rila gets their name too!) Borovets reminds me of a small French Alpes resort, which makes complete sense as the resort was styled on Les Arcs in the Savoie region of France! I was lucky
12 Oct 2021
Ski Season Opens In Bulgaria
All around the Balkan Holidays office you can hear cheers of "THE SKI SEASON IS HERE!"  as the 13th December 2014 saw Bulgaria transform from summer's must visit beach destination to this winter's coolest place to ski. It is now officially ski season in the Balkans and what a week it has been! With snow already falling across all three resorts, there was definitely a reason to celebrate! All the stops were pulled out this season in Bansko on opening day with ski legends such as Marc Girardelli, Stephan Eberharter and Petar Popangelov providing the metaphorical "ribbon cutting ceremony" while guests
25 Jun 2021
Our Top Reasons Why You'll Love Learning to Ski In Bulgaria
Our Top Reasons Why You'll Love Learning to Ski In Bulgaria You've thought about learning to ski, but you find yourself asking the question "is it for me?". Well, the answer simply has to be YES! Why? Because not only is skiing an incredibly fun hobby that will take you to some of the most breathtaking places, but provided you are in good hands, skiing is also easier to learn and more affordable than most people think. Not much can compare to the cocktail of positive emotions racing through your body when you find yourself at the bottom of the slope having just completed your very first run. Almost instantly you find
02 Nov 2018
Borovets Welcomes New Six-Seater Chairlift
With Borovets resort in Bulgaria putting the final touches on what is expected to be a busy opening next month, the resort is delighted to announce the completion of its new six-seater high speed lift the "Martinovi Baraki Express".       The new lift replaces the old 4-seater on the existing line with new technology, significant increase in capacity and speed. The new lift will be taking up to 3,000 people per hour, over three times what was previously possible with riding time now only taking 3.5 minutes, that's more than two times faster than previously. Along with better speed and
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